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Photoshop Tutorial (Making fractured image effect)

29 Jul

Hello! My second tutorial is about how to make fractured image effect via photoshop. Even though I think the tutorial is pretty complicated for me, it still brings a lot of useful design experiences through the steps. After learning this effect, you can also change some of the little steps to create different kinds of fractured effects like making the object and person are fading out.

Here is the final image that i have tried once after learning from the youtube tutorial.


I bet i will make it more realistic after practice and practice 😀

Now i will show you the steps:)

Step1: Choose a picture with a clean white background -> open a new layer above the background and name it layer one


Step2 : Click Quick selection tool -> Select the object you want to create effect on it-> Put it on the layer one


Step3: Create a new layer -> change the name to “White”


Step four: Hide the layer one -> Click Window-> Brushes-> Choose a brush with fractured texture (actually depends on what kinds of effects you want to create)


Step5: Click Brush Presets-> Adjust the spacing to 80%-> Go to Shape Dynamics-> Change all the stuffs to around 50%


Step6: Start to paint it on the part you want to make it fractured with white color-> you can also adjust the brush rotation during the painting ( avoid the textures painted in same direction)


Step7: Copy white layer once ( Command/ Ctrl + J) -> Go to the ” White copy” layer -> Duplicate the person  and free transform next to the first person


Step8: Click Filter-> liquified-> Use finger tool to help the person gain weight, swollen its body 😀 ( make a bigger person behind the real one)  After making it looks good-> Click OK ** (This part is very useful!!!)


Step9: Click layer-> layer mask -> Hide all -> Use the white brush to stamp the part you want-> or even you can use black brush to delete some part ( Remember to change the brush rotation )



Maybe you want to improve the white part that stick on the person…

Step10: Click White Layer-> Layer-> Reveal All ( NOW You will a white layer mask appear on the white layer) -> Now you can use white brush to add texture or use black brush to clear out the textures


Step11: Click Layer one-> Put this layer between the layer “white” and ” white copy”-> Change the normal mode to color burn-> Click layer -> Layer mask-> Reveal all -> Use Black brush to bring back the real color for the front part of the person ( Can blend the whole thing and make the person looks more three-dimensional)



Finally done!!! 🙂 It really takes time to make it looks good!!:)

The youtube tutorial video explained the instructions very clearly, let’s go there and watch it:)


Photoshop Tutorial (Create sparkle strips in photoshop)

9 Jul

Hello everyone! After learning this cool skill from youtube tutorial video, so my first tutorial is sharing how to create neon stripes in photoshop, it is also a popular effect which called “Sparkle Trails”. The reason that i chose this tutorial because it is a kind of way to create some interesting effects in the photographs, and it also can create movements which lead our eyes moving around in the picture.

Surely, it can improve our design skills by learning more ways to create different kinds of effects in photoshop.

So, now i am going to show you the tutorial step by step:)

Step1:  Choose the picture that you like-> Create new layer-> change the name to”Stripe one”


Step2: Click the Brush tool-> Right arrow-> Assorted Brushed-> OK


Step3: Go to Window-> Brush Presets-> Brush Tip shape-> Turn the spacing to 1%-> Turn off smoothing->Click Shape Dynamics-> Pen pressure


Step4: Create a new layer style (fx)-> Outer Glow


Step5: Outer glow-> Blend Mode-> Hard light-> Turn the opacity to 100% and the size to 21px-> Choose your color (sparkle color)-> OK


Step6: Using Pen tool (Make sure you are using path tool)-> Draw the line of the stripes (whatever you like)


Step7: Go to the path -> stroke path-> select brushes-> Click Stimulate pressure-> OK


Step8: You can add more stripes by following the above steps( and even can changing the color and the brushes texture)


Step9: If you want to delete some part of the stripes to make it behind-> add layer mask


Step10: Press (D) and (X) on the key broad -> Brush Tool-> turn to normal brush-> draw the part you want to delete- Done!!


Following the steps and you will get it!! Hope you like this!

Here is the video tutorial:


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