Creating frozen text with photoshop

20 Aug

My third tutorial is about how to create frozen text through photoshop. It is a cool effect that can be easily create. The final image that i created is placed below, this interesting text can add on different background and it is a kind of way to make a focus point on the photo.

This is the final image:


Step1: Open a new background with the size you want-> use Paint bucket tool to create a fully black background.


Step2: Insert a text box on the background-> Change the font to “Times New Roman”-> Adjust the size to 100pt-> Type the text you want


Step3: Click Edit -> Transform -> Rotate the text to 90 degree ( This step is used to create the effect in the correct direction afterwards)


Step4: Click Filter -> Stylize -> Wind ( An effect like the wind fading out from the word)-> Then choose “wind” in method part, and choose the direction is” From the right”-> Click OK!


Step5: Rotate the text to the original direction-> Click Filter -> Click twice of “wind”( in order to stronger the outcome of the effect)


Step6: Click Layer-> Layer Mask-> Select Outer Glow and Color Overlay-> Change all the color to light blue



Step7: Duplicate the frozen text layer once-> Click Layer again-> layer style-> Untick ” Color overlay” and ” Outer Glow”->  Select ” Bevel and Emboss”-> Go to structure and change the technique to “Chisel Soft”-> Change the depth to 60% -> Select Pattern overlay -> Choose the most suitable pattern -> adjust the Opacity to 80% -> Select Gradient Overlay-> Change the blend mode to overlay


Step8: Click the Frozen copy layer-> Adjust the blend mode to “Overlay”-> Adjust the text shape that you want

Step9: Find a photo from internet or a photo that was taken by yourself ->Insert a background which suits your text


Step10: Place it under the frozen and frozen copy layer (make sure the text is on the top of the photo)


AND finally We are done!!

The link of youtube tutorial:


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