Creating Terminators’ face through Photoshop

21 Aug

Hello everyone! Today i would like to share the tutorial which is about making terminators’ face via Photoshop. After I have learned this effect from the Youtube video, I have add some other elements in order to create different visual feeling, and i also added a super red lip for Angelina Jolie!! NOW i am going to show you all the steps in the following paragraphs.

Here is the final image:


Step1: Insert the picture of Angelina Jolie -> Insert a picture of terminator on a new layerImage

Step2: Adjust the opacity of the terminator to about 50% -> adjust the size which can match with the Angelina Jolie’s face accurately


Step3: Change the opacity back to 100%-> Click layer -> Layer mask-> Hide all -> A black white small layer will appear next to that layer


Step4: Use white brush to draw the part you want-> or  you can use black brush to delete some part ( To make it more looks like terminator, i just draw the left eye and right eye)


Step5: Click Ctrl+E to merge the background and layer one-> layer -> New adjustment layer -> Adjust the curve -> make the face darker -> Use Dodge Tool to lighten the left face and left part of nose



Step6: Click Filter -> Artistic -> Choose one of the suitable effect which suits the image (I choose ” Grain”)Image

Step7: Select Color Balance -> Turn the Blue to +100 -> Turn the Cyan to -100 -> The color toneof the face will turn to violet/blue -> You can also apply other adjustment to make the photo looks good


Step8: Select a Background from internet-> Place it at the bottom of all the layers


Step9: Click back to the terminator layer->  Use Quick Selection Tool-> Cut away the original background of Angelina Julie


Step10: Click Layer -> Apply Inner Shadow-> add a inner shadow for the face to make it looks more three-dimensional



And you also can add a beautiful red lip for Angelina Julie!!

Step11: Create a new layer-> Use red brush to paint on her lip-> Change the blend mode to overlay



And finally it is done!! Hope you enjoy this!:)

Youtube Tutorial:


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