Creating a magazine layout through In Design

22 Aug

Hello! Today i am going to share a In Design tutorial. This tutorial is totally different with the previous posts, it is about how to design a magazine layout instead of retouching a photo via photoshop. As my major is advertising, the skills of typography and printing are the principle elements for my future work. Therefore, having a skillful technique of using In Design is so important to me. After watching a useful tutorial from youtube, I would like to share the steps with you.

Here is the final slides of my design:


Step1: Open a new document of InDesign -> Insert the number of pages to 3 -> adjust the bleed edge to 5mm ( The bleed is the part on the side of a document that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement
of the paper )


Step2 : Select Rectangle Frame Tool -> add on page two and page three


Step3: Click ” Swatches”, choose the click color you want and click on that box you have added on step two -> You may also adjust the opacity


Step4: Click File -> Place-> Select the photo you downloaded from internet -> Adjust it to the left-center postion on the layout


Step5: Select Type Tool -> Type” Cupcakes”-> Adjust the size to 45pt -> Change the font to ” Braggadocio” -> Change the color font to white


Step6: Type another text on page three( A big I) -> Adjust the size to 230pt -> Change the font to Minion Pro -> Change to white color


Step7:Insert a text box under” Cupcakes”-> Click Type -> Fill with Placeholer text -> Font (Minion Pro) -> Size: 12pt -> Select Swatces and change it to white


Step 8: Type another text box next to the text “I” -> am hungry. Can you left a cupcake for me? -> Make sure the height of the box is same with the tex “I” -> Font: Minion Pro -> Size: 35pt



Step9: Type a big text box under the heading -> like the previous step -> Click Text ( Fill with Placeholer text -> Font (Minion Pro) -> Size: 14 pt -> Change the color to white


Step10: If you want to make the long pargraph to two columns…Hightlight all the text -> Click the right side box (with an arrow which is pointing at the bottom) -> Select Span Columns-> Change the paragraph layout to “Split Column” -> Change Sub- colums to “2”


Step11: Choose Ellipse Tool -> Draw a pink circle by pressing the shift key (make sure the porportion is accurate) -> adjust the opacity to 60% -> Place it to the postion as the following image


Step12: To add a page numbers on all of your slides-> Click on the Master Page-> Select Text-> Insert Special Character-> Markers -> Current Page number



Finally we are done!! Hope this tutorial can help you start to use In Design if you are a beginner.

Thank you for watching:) Lets go to watch the youtube video!


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